Mission Statement

Mission Statement

AeroGate's organizational objective is directed at becoming the premier power generation, engineering design and rotating equipment technical engineering solutions company in the Asia Pacific Region.

At AeroGate, we strongly advocate a set of professional values in our business, at the same time building a culture among our staff, based on this set of ethics and principles.

We are proud to share with you our corporate values:

  • To never compromise where quality and integrity are concerned
  • To conduct ourselves and our business both ethically and morally
  • To execute the right action safely, and get it right the first time
  • Make the priorities of our clients the highest priorities for all the company's personnel
  • To not only be one of the best but to also be a benchmark of our industry
  • To be committed citizens, and support public and community activities
  • To sustain expansion and growth


The Company has been certified to the International Quality Standard ISO 9001:2008. Adherence to the International Standard enables the Company to operate and manage every aspect of our business processes in a sound and transparent manner. A controlled environment also ensures we deliver quality services to our valued Clients.

The design of the Quality Management System centres on the scope of Sales, Procurement, Supply of Power Generation and Electrical Distribution Systems.

The Quality Management System documentation consists of the Manual (OM) and Operating Process (OP). The Manual defines general policies that are linked to operating processes, which in turn defines the way we operate and control our activities.

The Management of AeroGate has endorsed a culture of continual improvement in its journey towards business excellence in the Power Generation and Electrical Distribution Systems industry.

To achieve excellence, the Management has set the following basic principles as the cornerstone of our operations:

Quality and Efficiency

We will at all times be aware of the need to be efficient in our business operations to meet the demands of our customers. We will operate in a formal and efficient manner to ensure our customer's orders are processed with a consistent standard of quality and delivered in a timely manner. We shall at all times be aware of quality considerations in our work, thus ensures the output of our work meets the quality expectations of our customers.

Value Creation

We will focus on creating value so that our products and services remain competitive and relevant to the needs of the market as well as enhancing our stakeholders' return on investment.

We will strive to meet the above initiative by continually improving on our committed objectives in relation to the policy principles in order to maintain the highest customer satisfaction and lasting business relationships.

The Quality Management System is applicable to: Procurement and supply of power generation and electrical distribution systems for the oil & gas, power generation and construction industries.


AeroGate practices a full HSE policy within our Organisation in line with the WSH regulatory framework. The guiding principles that underpin this policy include reducing risk at source by providing continuous training to personnel and senior staff in order to eliminate or minimise risk they create, Instilling within our staff greater ownership of Safety and Health issues and preventing accidents through ownership of managing risk and the outcomes of incidents and reporting. A full copy of the AeroGate Health and Safety Policy can be provided on request.