Case Studies

No. Description of work Location Client/End User
1 Install and Commission Six retrofit systems and upgrades on one (5MW) Gas Turbine. (Mechanical/Fluid/Instrument - Control System) Saraburi, Thailand Siam Cement
2 Fault Diagnostics and rectification following high vibration trips on one (10.9MW) Gas Turbine Saraburi, Thailand Thai German Cement Industry
3 Indepenedant site survey and assessement of one Frame 5 Gas Turbine generator set following a fire shutdown. Assessment conducted for and on behalf of Insurance Loss adjusters in their process of evaluation for repairs. Melaka, Malaysia MacClarens Young
4 Re-commissioning of one (5MW) dual fuel Gas Turbine following unit overhaul and HV testing for Generator excitation and synchronising systems. Whyalla, Australia Onesteel, Whyalla
5 Overhaul and exchange of 1 x 3.2MW Gas Turbine Compressor Rotor Assembly. Subsequent Installation and Commissioning of package and equipment. Gamba, The Gabon Shell Gabon
6 Overhaul of 1 x 3.2MW Gas Turbine, Power Turbine rotor and stator assemblies, including bearing housing. Followed by subsequent installation and re-commissioning. Shekou, China Brighton Engineering
7 Detailed site survey of capital equipment (5 MW GT, Generator, Controls, F&G protection, Gas Compressor, Process Equipment etc) for viability of upgrades against equipment cost Saraburi, Thailand Siam Cement
8 Vibration Study, Analysis and reporting on Rotating equipment - 4 x 5MW Gas Turbine generating sets Weizhou, China CNOOC
9 Medium Term Services agreement for 7 x 5MW Gas Turbine Generating sets and anciliary equipment, March 2006 - March 2007 Weizhou, China CNOOC
9 Weizhou, China CNOOC
10 Medium Term Services agreement for 3 x 5MW Gas Turbine Generating sets and anciliary equipment, May 2006 - May 2007 Weizhou, China CNOOC
11 Medium Term Services agreement for 7 x 5MW Gas Turbine Generating sets and anciliary equipment, May 2007 - May 2009 Weizhou, China CNOOC
12 Medium Term Services agreement for 3 x 5MW Gas Turbine Generating sets and anciliary equipment, May 2006 - May 2009 Weizhou, China CNOOC
13 HV Distribution Panels and System relocation, modifications and re-commissioning. Installed within refinery complex Weizhou, China CNOOC
14 Hydraulic Starting system (partial) for 1 x 5MW GT overhauled and tested Weizhou, China CNOOC
15 Hydraulic Starting system for 2 x 5MW GT overhauled and tested Weizhou, China CNOOC
16 Detailed training course designed for owner operator and maintenance teams for their 2 x 7MW Gas Turbine Generating sets and associated plant and anciliary equipment Puerto Rico Astra Zeneca
17 Survey and Installation of 3 x Centrifugal Gas Compressors (HP and LP tandem sets), driven by Electric Motor Shanghai, China Universal Compression Inc
18 Overhaul of minor components (pneumatic control valves) from Generating and Compressor Drivers Brunei Shell Petroleum
19 Supervision of relocation and subsequent re-commissioning of all mechanical and electrical/control systems for 1 x Triple Train Compressor driven by Gas Turbine Daqing, China DNGC
20 Design, Engineer, Supply, Install and commission 2 x HMI (Human Machine Interface) systems for 2 x 7MW Compressor drivers Daqing, China DNGC
21 Conduct long term preservation of several Compressor and Gas Turbine Packages on one FPSO Singapore Single Bouy Moorings
22 Major maintenance activities on 2 x 7MW Gas Turbines including blade anlaysis and rotor balancing Saudi Arabia Aramco
23 Installation and commissioning of 2 x retrofit temperature monitoring control systems (Allen Bradley) for 2 Gas Turbines Bahrain Banagas
24 Workshop overhaul of three Gas Turbines, Gearboxes and ancilliaries destined for IOC of Iraq Jebel Ali, UAE Dubai
25 Installation and commissioning of three overhaul Gas Turbine packages for IOC of Iraq Basra, Iraq KBR, IOC
26 Investigation and rectification to control system failure for power generation equipment Malaysia Petronas
27 Workshop set up and subsequent supervision and overhauling of rotating equipment Mexico Pemex
28 Maintenance Support on 2 x LM1600 Gas Turbine power generation packages Port Harcourt, Nigeria Shell - Nigeria
29 28 day rotational maintenance support for offshore two O&G installations (one fixed base and one FPSO) in S China Sea CACT, Shekou China Brighton Engineering
30 28 day rotational maintenance support for offshore O&G Installation covering Power Generation equipment (Solar Gas Turbines) Vietnam WGLIT
31 Consultancy and site equipment survey for relocation project of 1 x 5MW Power Generation plant Storrington, UK Energy Capital
32 Installation and commissioning of 2 x 6MW power generation drivers and ancilliaries Newcastle, S. Africa WGLIT
33 EPIC for electrical power generation and distribution module commissioning for MOPU conversion in Malaysia Lamut, Malaysia Global Process Solutions
34 Electrical power generation and distribution system commissioning for MOPU conversion Abu Dhabi, UAE Global Process Solutions
35 EPIC, Design, Engineer, Install and Commission Power Generation and Electrical distribution systems for MOPU conversion Labuan, Malaysia Global Process Solutions
36 Installation and Commissioning of Retrofitted control systems India ONGC
37 Provision of Supervisory personnel for FPSO conversion, supervisors for HV and electrical systems, Instrumentation/Controls and mechanical equipment and topsides Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Malaysia Single Bouy Moorings
38 Provision of Supervisory personnel for FPSO conversion, supervisors for HV and electrical systems, Instrumentation and mechanical rotating equipment Singapore Bluewater
39 Pipeline survey of capital rotating equipment totalling 26 Gas Turbine Generation and Compression packages Argentina Aldeval
40 Commissioning on One Caterpillar main engine package with retrofit control and GCP Indonesia
41 Onsite overhaul of one Demag Delaval Centrifugal Compressor Rayong, Thailand
42 Combustion Inspection on 1 x Hitachi H25 (MS5001) at PetroChina Jamba, Indonesia Sulzer Hickhams
43 Project Management for Relocation of 3 x Frame 5P's from China to Indonesia Indonesia Sulzer Hickhams
44 Supervision for removal of 3 x Frame 5P from Sanmen China Sanmen, China Sulzer Hickhams
45 Supervision on Overhaul of 3 x Steam Turbines Indonesia Sulzer Hickhams
46 Overhaul of 2 sets of Dual Fuel Burners for 60MW Gas Turbines Indonesia Sulzer Hickhams
47 Re-commissioning of Gas Turbine and conversion of application software for said duty Holland WGLIT
48 Design, Engineer, Procure and Supply, four main Retrofit systems for 2 x 60MW Power Generators Indonesia Sulzer Hickhams
49 Provision of 1000KW Black Start Diesel generator package, offshore certified Brazil Single Bouy Moorings
50 Provision of Four rebuilt Caterpillar Diesel Engines to Falcon Warrior Singapore
51 Provision of Two caterpillar Surplus New Gas Engines Indonesia Radiant Group
52 Global Framework Agreement. Provision of Supervisory and Engineering personnel and equipment for various projects, supervisors for HV and electrical systems, Instrumentation and mechanical rotating and or reciprocating equipment representing the OEM in each instance Global
53 Provision of equipment (Valves, Pumps and labor) to Karadiz Holdings for 100MW Power Barge Pakistan
54 Provision of 1100KW Emergency Start Diesel generator package, ABS offshore certified U.A.E. Golar LNG
55 Provision of equipment and spare parts for Frame 6 Gas Turbine in Middle East Middle East Petrofina
56 Inspection, Repair and Overhaul of 4 x DC mud pump motors (750HP). To include control system and modifications and commissioning. Malaysia Global Process Solutions
57 Fault Diagnostics and rectification on two Caterpillar main engine packages Malaysia
58 Service and re-certification for Main and Auxilary Switchboard and Power Management System on FPSO conversion Singapore THOME
59 Major service on 3 x Main Power Diahatsu Diesel Generators including load testing Singapore THOME
60 Service Gas Turbine Generator Thailand Siam Cement
61 Inspection services on 3 x Gas Turbine Generators Bangladesh
62 Ongoing Installation and Maintenance and Support on VSAT equipment for Orange Telecom and Bourbon Offshore covering approximately 100 vessels S. E. Asia Orange Telecom
63 Overhaul three Caterpillar D399 Diesel Power Generation packages S. E. Asia Seadrill Asia
64 Overhaul one Caterpillar D398 Diesel Emergency Power Generation package S. E. Asia Seadrill Asia
65 Overhaul one Caterpillar 3208 Diesel unit S. E. Asia Seadrill Asia
66 Provision of one Zone II rated Caterpillar 3516B Diesel Generator Package S. E. Asia Single Bouy Moorings
67 Supply of three Marine Caterpillar 3512B Diesel Generator Packages S. E. Asia ArkTranshipment
68 Supply of ten Marine Zone II Diesel Generator containerized packages M. East Dubai
69 Consultancy service for two 15MW GT generators for modular build for FPSO Singapore
70 Supervision of major retrofits on FPSO conversion covering Power Generation, Water Inject and Gas Compression modules Malaysia SBM
71 Installation and Commissioning of three Gas Turbine packages on an FPSO in Singapore Singapore
72 Supply of Gas Fuel treatment package for Gas Turbine Generators Singapore JSPL/Teekay
73 Overhaul four Caterpillar 3512 Diesel Power Generation packages Indonesia Global Tender Barges
74 Retrofit / replacement of enclosures on four Solar Gas Turbines offshore Angola Angola SBM/Chevron
75 Overhaul and Preservation activities on an LM1600 twin train Gas Fuel Compressor package Singapore Petrofac
76 Overhaul and upgrades on two Solar Gas Turbine Generators Malaysia Petrofac
77 Installation and Commissioning of three 50MW Gas Turbine Generators Tanzania